On  Being  Yes-ed  Upon

Narda Azaria Dalgleish – Scotland
Premiered at the Alchemy Film Festival, April 2015.

A fully immersive installation. It was the theme of the 2015 Alchemy Festival, ‘Spiritus Mundi’, or ‘The Spirit of the World’, that prompted me so blindly and forcefully to start making films. This film, ‘On Being Yes-ed Upon’, is the main part of a six channel installation and can be watched as a film independently.

I begun ‘making it’ in my mind the moment I received a newsletter with a call to submit in early September 2014. I have been contemplating for some time hitherto, that the depth of the human interior is certainly no less observable than the physical objects perceived in the phenomenal world outside, if not more. Were I to make films one day, I wondered how would I solve the paradoxical problem of using images of physical objects to represent the metaphysical realm of meanings and metaphors, too invisibly transcendent to be portrayed by an earthly form, however vast.

For the representation of the interior in the film, I used selected contemplations written during an unplanned journey I took only a month earlier. I started filming my hometown, it was available to me readily. I tried to create a non linear timeline where a town, a city, a river, etc., can stand for any town, city and river; a timeline that would support an intimate atmospheric field of intimations and converse of an inner journey. I also used heavily layered and abstracted images with intense colour saturations to create a distorted impressionistic look.

Apart from the main wide screen of the installation, there were 28 silk banners drawn with mirror image Kuffic calligraphies onto which about a hundered filmed portraits of people were project throughout the duration of the main film – the sole source for the sound.

This is the first, main moving image film of a 6 chanel installation projected onto a 6 meter diameter circle of 29 screens, of which 2 are front projections and 4 back projections. The installation was screened on a loop in the Crown Building’s Ballroom for the duration of the festival from 16th – 19th April 2015