The  Hope

Narda Azaria Dalgleish – Scottish Borders
Premiered: YES Art Festival at the Haining.
Screened on a loop from the 12th – 20th September 2015.
‘The Hope’ is a feature-length, incomplete work in progress.

The Hope is an art, semi documentary moving image. A human tapestry exposing the profound, embodied experience of the interior world of the soul. The film, mostly in black and white, uses early 20th century archive footage of the life in the South of Scotland, especially the Borders. The film brings together seemingly disparate timelines and narratives, interweaving the past and present with the dimension of timelessness. The juxtaposed polarised facets of the local and the universal, the worldly and the transcendent, as well as the objective and subjective perspectives in people’s personal insights, are all embraced in one inclusive approach.

An occasional split screen interfaces the archive footage with the short intimations, taken from meetings with contemplatives. Those, in turn, are enhanced by interminttent reciting of my poetry, evocative of the soul in converse with itself.

written and narrated by Narda Azaria Dalgleish

I am Somewhere – 2013
She Calls me Softly – 2010
Incomparably Inexhaustible – 2013
The Magnitude of Love – 2004
If my Name was Peace – 2008
‘Land’ into ‘Landscape’ – 2013
Your Eye Speaks to me – 2014

The Whore’s House
By Dr. Tsila Zan-Bar Tsur

The short story is narrated by Dorothy Alexander and rendered into English from Hebrew by Narda Azaria Dalgleish.


Mark Boston, Sam Christopher Cornwell, Erwan Zuger, Narda Azaria Dalgleish.


Richard Ashrowan, Mark Boston, Narda Azaria Dalgleish.


Edinburgh College of Art Students, Moving Image Makers Collective members and Chisholme Institute alumni.


Dr Fadil Jaf, Dorothy Alexander, Martha Cass, Peter Young, Kerima Hill, Aaron Cass, Susan Meredith, Emine Abadi, Jane Carroll, David Apthorp, Hiroko Nagato Apthorp, Louisa Kallonas.

Three Souls

Alice Scott, Eliza Cass and Louisa Kallonas.


Remix of an old recording of ‘Hatikva’.


If you want to watch the film please email me to request the password – narda [dot] lit [at] gmail [dot] com