Zion Walks with Me

Narda Azaria Dalgleish – 00:03:57 – February 2015 – Scotland

A moving image film shot on a MotoG mobile phone in Hawick, Scottish Borders. The film was premiered as part of the Moving Image Makers Collective [MIMC] at the Alchemy Film Festival in April 2015.

Ten points of view layering different angles of the confluence of the rivers Slitrig and Teviot. A PoemFilm that transcends my sense of identity and place of origin, spanning over 2500 years since the Babylonian diaspora. Here, the biblical idioms relating to the exiled weeping for Zion by the rivers of Babylon – Zion as an unidentified geographical location, though loosely associated with the Judean hills around Jerusalem – are transposed. In the poem, Zion stands for the soul in union wherever its location.

This is the first, main moving image film of a 6 chanel installation projected onto a 6 meter diameter circle of 29 screens, of which 2 are front projections and 4 back projections. The installation was screened on a loop in the Crown Building’s Ballroom for the duration of the festival from 16th – 19th April 2015

The footage is edited to create an ‘Impressionist’ effect of colour and form.

My poem, ‘Zion Walks With Me’, was first published in the Eildon Tree Magazine in 2014.

Boats drawings, Basra, WW1, War Museum London.

Mark Boston

Music Born of Solitude ~ James Wyness 2011